When were you first introduced to Gravity Rush?

PS4 or Vita?

I had a thought this morning while I was enjoying the Gravity Rush 2 demo and watching the anime series over again — how many people actually played the [amazing] first iteration?

I mean, it had the horrible fate of being released on the Vita at launch in 2012, a system that scared away droves of potential fans due to the hubris of Sony’s decision of adding expensive, proprietary memory cards, and taking a gamble on 3G gaming. If it just had the option to pop in a cheap SD card like the 3DS, it might still be relevant today.

So for many, their first introduction to Gravity Rush was on the much more successful PS4, when it dropped on the PSN in 2015 (2016 in the west). I’m really glad that Sony decided to give this series a second lease on life, not only with that aforementioned console port, but with a full-on sequel as well, which arrives in less than a month!

If you haven’t played the original yet, do it! It’s a wonderful light-hearted romp that’s sort of a new take on the superhero shtick, with one of Sony’s most likable leads to date.

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