When was the last time a video game made you cry?


I was thinking about crying recently (that is, about the physical act of crying, not planning on having a cry) and about how I’m a big baby whom cries a bunch with respect to creative media, or when an animal dies, or even in baseball, contrary to what Tom Hanks might lead you to believe.

It’s a bit less common playing games, though, probably because the medium skews toward flat “fun” and Mario Party will only make me cry after the gravity of murdering my best friend in blackout rage hits me full force.

The PlayStation Vita gem recently receiving new life with a PlayStation 4 port, Tearaway, was the last thing off the top of my head, but even that only went as far as choked up and watery eyes, whereas that Studio Ghibli documentary, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, got me real wet. Maybe there’s been something in the two years since, but I cannot remember.

So when’s the last time a video game made your upper head holes squirt out the good salty drink?

Steven Hansen