When Unsolved Crimes hits the DS this fall, these crimes are so gonna get solved

Only three people live in my house, and I can’t even figure out who left the cap off of the milk last night. Needless to say, my skills of deduction and logic leave a bit to be desired. Perhaps when Unsolved Crimes hits the Nintendo DS this fall, I have a chance to bone up on my detective skills. 

As a rookie New York City detective, players will investigate the disappearance of an aspiring model. The case, of course, takes an unexpected turn, and you dive headfirst into a frightening case that rocks the Big Apple. Unsolved Crimes is said to mix action, 3D crime investigation and a Condemned 2-like “crime quiz” to unravel the mystery of the missing model broad. Players will be able to use the stylus to trace routes, make marks and keep memos of suspicious items at crime scenes. 

I’m still trying to find room 215 in Hotel Dusk: Room 215, so I might have to take a pass on Unsolved Crimes. Are there any wannabe handheld sleuths out there who think they might be able to crack Unsolved Crimes‘ case when it drops this fall?

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