When East meets West: Quantum Theory has a new trailer

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, the first half of this trailer looks like a Japanese version of Gears of War. It is; Tecmo pretty much brags about it. However, if you hold on until halfway through, you’ll see what should set Quantum Theory apart from the game that clearly influenced it heavily.

There, did you see her? That’s Filena; she helps the guy with the big neck, Syd, kill guys. Basically, it’s what looks like a badass hand-to-hand/gun combo system. I am all for that. Adding to what could be an impressive combat system is the fact that the levels you play on are constantly changing, so that you’re not just fighting enemies, but also the terrain.

I don’t know about you, but from the action above this looks like a fantastic blend of Japanese action games like Devil May Cry and Western shooters like Gears of War. The question is, do those two genres want to work together at all or will you simply be running around the levels using one over the other?

Matthew Razak