When does the Jailbreak happen in Warzone 2.0?

Call of Duty Warzone players preparing to drop

Everyone gets a second chance

You never know what you’re gonna get from a Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 match, whether the chaos is coming from enemy players or random events that happen in the game itself. One the events that can completely turn the tides of a match is the Jailbreak, which essentially allows all dead players to re-enter the game, as long as they’re still in the lobby.

It’s harrowing for the players who are still remaining, but it’s a nice chance for players who got offed early to get a second chance at the win. Because the Jailbreak is a random event, there’s no way to know if you’ll encounter one in your game — thankfully, it’s easy to know when to expect your Jailbroken friends and foes to re-enter the fight when you do.

When does the Jailbreak happen?

Seeing as a good deal of players need to be eliminated before they rejoin the match, the Jailbreak will always happen later in the game. Usually you can expect it any time from the end of the third circle and into the fourth circle.

If you’re still in the match when the Jailbreak is about to start, you’ll see a a countdown appear on your screen, along with a yellow banner that says “Jailbreak Imminent. All Operators will redeploy.” If you’re the one rejoining, you’ll also get a a countdown and a blue banner that says “Redeploying. All Operators redeployed to the AO.” When the countdown hits zero, fallen players can redeploy, and will drop out of a plane and back into the match as normal.

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