Wheelman dev diary has motorcycles and crazy physics

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It’s funny. For the last few months, we’ve been receiving media alerts from Midway for Wheelman. Without skipping a beat, Ubisoft have resumed the press blitz for Vin Diesel’s latest “cinematic thrill ride” of a videogame. Who knew this publishing partnership stuff would be such a smooth transition?

The above vid is a promotional developer diary. In it, soft-spoken lead mission designer Mark Thompson walks viewers through a mission in Wheelman called “Recover the documents.” The level features an epic motorcycle chase in “underground” Barcelena, a place without fast food joints. Seriously, where’s a dude supposed to get a cheap taco in Wheelman’s post-apocalyptic world?

Despite the lack of my favorite Mexican treat, I’m still high on Wheelman. I love the part in the video where Vin leaps forty feet forward onto the back of a Taxi, scrambles in from the side, then proceeds to cap a biker from the rear window. Five bucks says he mo-capped that without breaking a sweat.

Wheelman hits North America on March 24 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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