What’s your favorite game music to work to?

Let’s build a playlist

Every so often while working, I’ll listen to some new pop song that isn’t very good but has managed to seem good, over time, because I keep encountering it. After a couple days of this, tops, I’ll inevitably wear myself out and have to find a replacement. Something that’s catchy — but not too catchy — and doesn’t require much attention. Something I can loop indefinitely.

That’s when I return to my old go-to: videogame music. We’ve all got our favorites, I’m sure.

Some songs are fondly remembered because they elicit powerful memories — either of a specific game sequence or perhaps your life, at that time — while others just plain sound uplifting, relaxing, motivating, beautiful, or whatever the case may be. I’ve always adored David Wise’s soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country 2, and probably always will. It defined my game-playing childhood.

But if I had to select one album as ideal for writing, studying, or working? Actually, that’s easy — Fastfall by Lifeformed. It’s from the game Dustforce but works great as standalone music, too. It’ll put you in a good place and help get you through the day with its calm, light demeanor.

That’s the effect it had on me, anyway. For literal months on end. What about you, though? What are the videogame songs or albums you recommend we all check out? Links are appreciated!

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