What’s your dream Robot Master design for the Mega Man series?

It was Magic Man ages ago for me

I’m sitting here week after week, taking in Robot Master boss reveals for Mega Man 11 like they’re big-ticket Super Smash Bros. fighter announcements. I know I’m basically alone in my bliss, but the excitement behind the reveals brought me back to an era where every Mega Man game (generally through X5) kept me guessing.

Most Mega Man fans know this, but once upon a time Capcom actually held a series of contests asking fans to help design bosses for the game. For the Mega Man 6 competition (the first that allowed international entries), I sent in a crude rendition of my own creation “Magic Man,” which eventually made his debut many years later in Rockman & Forte. As it turns out I wasn’t the only person who had this concept in mind (it’s crazy that I vividly remember these Nintendo Power submissions.)

Still, I take a certain pride in knowing that maybe, some Capcom designer looked at my drawing and thought “some day.” Does anyone else have a creation or concept of their own to share? Or maybe you feel like creating your own in-house.

Chris Carter
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