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What’s up with the Hisuian Zoroark in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC?

It's Happy Hour!

In the lead-up to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC release, players who purchased it ahead of time — through October 31 — noticed that they received a Hisuian Zoroark. What’s more, this Hisuian Zoroark comes pre-packaged with a valuable move: Happy Hour.

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So, what’s up with this special variant of Zoroark? How exactly do you unlock it, and what’s so special about the Happy Hour ability?

How to unlock Hisuian Zoroark?

As mentioned, the only way to obtain a Hisuian Zoroark in Scarlet or Violet is to purchase the DLC, at which point you’ll be sent a code to redeem it via Mystery Gift. As soon as you’ve redeemed it, you’ll instantly notice this white and red variant differs from the default Zoroark’s black and red. Of course, those who have played Pokemon Legends: Arceus will recognize this monster.

It also joins your party at level 50, which could be quite helpful depending on your team. 

We have a full guide on how to redeem Mystery Gifts here.

What is Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is a unique ability that Hisuian Zoroark comes pre-packaged with. If used during battle, it will double the amount of prize money received from the battle. It would appear that this monster is the only ‘mon in Scarlet and Violet that can learn this illustrious ability, excluding monsters imported via Pokemon Home. If this changes at any point in the future, we’ll update this page accordingly.

In addition to Happy Hour, the Hisuian Zoroark also knows Bitter Malice, which lowers the target’s attack stat, Nasty Plot, which boosts the user’s special attack stat, and Tera Blast, which unleashes the energy of the user if they’ve Terastallized. In speaking of Terastallizing, the Hisuian Zoroark’s Tera Type is Dark. And lastly, this particular ‘mon comes prepackaged with a Charismatic Mark.

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