What’s up with Dragon Age ‘Awakening’s’ BlackMarsh?

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We get the impression that Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening’s Amaranthine is not an attractive place.  At the least, it won’t all rolling fields of lush greens and colorful flowers. It has a doom and gloom marsh with a nasty past and a living legend — one that we’ll be able to explore (and kill) when the full expansion hits in a few months.

Wait, what’s Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening you say? We can answer that easily enough. It’s a full expansion for all versions of the dark fantasy RPG. Expect five party members, a new character to use, and tons of new items, loot, skills, and even the ability to re-spec your main dude. There’s more, of course, but we’ll ask you to check out this bit of literature for all the details.

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