What’s that? Splinter Cell: Conviction on PS3?

I figure if we talk about Splinter Cell: Conviction getting ported to PlayStation 3 enough, it will happen.

The latest factoid to give new life to the rumors is a listing on Ubisoft’s support page. Simply put, Conviction can be seen under the PS3 banner at the support’s answer page. Obviously this means the port is complete fact and must be acknowledged as such. Well, maybe not.

In all likeliness, we probably will one day see Conviction on PlayStation 3. Perhaps like many once-exclusive Xbox 360 titles, it can come with extra content over the version many of us are playing right now. Do it up, Ubisoft. More people need to play this excellent game and hear drunk Michael Ironside.

Ubisoft support lists Splinter Cell: Conviction for PS3 [Scrawlfx via CVG]

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