What’s next for Team Fortress 2? A ‘very different’ new mode, among other things

Still find yourself playing Team Fortress 2 after all these months? Then you’re going to want to take a look at this recent piece from The Escapist in which Valve’s Robin Walker talks all things TF2 and hints at what’s in store for players.

As far as the immediate future is concerned, the Scout is going to get the next class update, which should be out “early this year.” Other projects in the pipeline include getting all of the current PC updates working on the Xbox 360 version of TF2 and finalizing a new Payload map.

Walker also mentioned that the team “will soon unveil a very different new game mode,” and even though they have got “several new class designs floating around,” they will continue to make tweaks and new unlockables their main priority.

There’s entirely too much information to fit in this post, so I urge you to read the full article beyond these highlights. Avid TF2 players, what do you think the mystery mode is? My brain isn’t terribly productive this early in the day, so I’ve got nothing.

Jordan Devore
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