What’s new with Clash of Heroes for XBLA & PSN

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a role playing RTS puzzle hybrid DS title that is just simply awesome. It was actually the fourth highest rated DS game of 2009! Now, Capybara is bringing Clash of Heroes to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network later this year. Don’t you dare call this a port! Seriously, Capybara people barf when Clash HD is referred to as a port.

The biggest obvious change with Clash HD is the 2D HD visuals. All of the backgrounds and character art have been revamped and look simply beautiful. The attention to detail is a little mind blowing considering that a very small team is working on Clash HD. Some of the attack animations — all hand drawn — are 140 frames!

The other big change is the the multiplayer. Capy loved the multiplayer features of the original game, but only about ten percent of the DS audience gave the multiplayer a proper spin. Clash HD has a bigger focus on the multiplayer and now you’ll be able to go online, do two vs two battles and there will be a ranking system that will let the awesome players know just how awesome they are at kicking ass online.

Aside from that, there’s going to be some gameplay tweaks that fans of the DS title have complained about. Some of the fighting aspects will be rebalanced and you’ll be able to revisit previous chapters as well. You can also see just how strong your opponent will be before entering a battle and have the option of backing out if you’re not up for the fight yet.

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