What’s in your wallet? It could be Razer’s light-up card

Spending in style

Razer is no stranger to making products that are mobile. Its line of gaming laptops is highly regarded. A few years ago, Razer introduced its own smartphone. The newest venture will fit right alongside the phone as something people use all the time.

Razer and Visa have partnered up to introduce a prepaid payment method called the Razer Card. It functions just like any other prepaid card, in that you load it up with cash in order to use it. There are three versions of the Razer Card: a digital version that makes use of a Razer cash app; a physical standard card; and a physical premium card that features a light-up Razer logo.

Because you’re all wondering (and because the easy reference is there): No, it’s not RGB.

There’s incentive to pick up the Razer Card outside of general brand allegiance. This card offers 5% cash back on items purchased through Razer’s store, and 1% cash back on all other purchases (uncapped). There’s also the opportunity to earn rewards (and this is very vaguely phrased) “based on tasks and everyday transactions.” It’s more aggressive for beta members, as they get 10% back on store purchases along with the chance to earn $2,000 worth of Razer gear.

It’s not the best card on the market, but it’s not aimed at adults with established credit. Razer’s Fintech arm is trying to establish the world’s first global youth bank and the Razer Card is a major part of those plans. With that in mind, unlimited 1% cash back on a prepaid debit card is about as good as it gets.

However, this isn’t something most of you can just jump into — at least not yet. The Razer Card beta is currently only available in Singapore and only open to 1,337 participants. The beta is expected to last three months before the program becomes more widely available. That being said, there are no firm indications when (or even if) the Razer Card will expand outside of Singapore. It’s your best bet if you really need an ostentatious card in your wallet, though.

Razer Fintech and Visa Unveil New Prepaid Card to Transform Digital Payments Experience for Youths and Millennials in Singapore [Razer]

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