What’s a perfect wait time for a Destiny raid after a content launch?

A week?

Destiny 2‘s Forsaken expansion is out next week, but its initial raid offering isn’t. Last Wish is actually due to spring up 10 days after its launch, which has created a rift within the community. Some think it’s not long enough, and some think it’s way too long — and in some ways the latter group with be factually correct as this is the longest Bungie has made its players wait to date.

Lots of studios approach raids differently, and it really depends on the reaction from the playerbase, how long they expect people to actually gear up for it, and how difficult the content actually is. In World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion, Blizzard is making people wait three weeks, considerably longer than 10 days.

But as we approach Destiny 2: Forsaken and eventually more raids and raid lairs, I wanted to get a general consensus on how long people are willing to wait. I actually really dig the World of Warcraft model, which provides three difficulty settings: “LFR” (looking for raid, or, easy), normal, heroic, and mythic. There’s something for everyone, basically, and the fact that LFR by nature allows matchmaking with a millions-strong community cross-server gives it a huge leg up over Destiny (which still has no matchmaking of any kind outside of the failed “Guided Games” feature that will have been in beta form for a year this month).

In that sense, a wait time doesn’t really matter as you’ll be able to see the content in some form eventually. But given Destiny 2‘s current state, anywhere from one to two weeks seems fair.

Chris Carter
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