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What you call Hell, he calls Home

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To paraphrase The Rolling Stones, Tiii-iiime isn’t on my side. No it isn’t. Between work, some ongoing real-life situations, and an unscripted night in the hospital, I’m not finding the gaps to indulge in some of my loves – and I don’t even have a lot of them! But as summer starts to come to a close, hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the video games and movies that are sat patiently, anxiously waiting in my backlog.

There’s so many games I can’t get around to right now. I really want to jump on Carrion, Control, and Ghost of Tsushima, but most frustratingly of all, I’m yet to start playing Rambo: The Video Game, which I purchased this week for the grand sum of £1, including shipping. “DON’T PUSH ME!” Remember when he never said that, ever? Also, remember when this damaged, psychopathic Vietnam veteran was given his own kid’s cartoon show? …Ah, John Rambo, what a japester.

Anyway, y’all know what to do by now, right? Jump into the comments below and share with us – and our delightful community – the video games that have been keeping you sane and happy this week. It could be The Last of Us Part II on PS4, it could be Animaniacs on the SNES, all that matters is that you share your pleasure with us below, before continuing on your merry way toward what I hope is a happy couple of days.

Have a safe and pleasant weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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