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Nearly holidays! What does that mean for you? Maybe some extra time off, or perhaps a lot of not-too-desirable family get-togethers. Maybe it’ll just be business as usual. I’ve not really got any plans myself. My calendar is stacked at the moment, but not with Christmas shenanigans. Whatever you’re doing, hope the prep is going well.

This week, I made the fatal mistake of mixing with other people, so now I have a horrible cold. At least I got to snuggle down with a hot cup of lemon tea, dimmed lights and Nomada Studios’ amazing new adventure GRIS. Really pulled on the heartstrings and lit up the old eyeballs. Doesn’t stop the sneezing fits, but nothing’s perfect.

What have all y’all been playing? I’ll bet Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still spinning on the turntable and, although I sound like a broken record myself, we really have been spoiled for amazing games in the last six months. Where do we find the time to play them all? Maybe we don’t, such is the cross to bear for video game fans.

Be sure to let us know what you’ve been rockin’ this week and, as always, have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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