Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

It’s that time of year again

E3 is upon us once more. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, far from its 1986-sounding moniker, will offer us exciting* news and reveals on the latest and greatest* video games vying for your buckeroos later this year. Having moved on some from the memeriffic cringefests of several years ago, the E3 of late seems a much cleaner and tighter affair, but ironically less memorable as a result.

Still, there will no doubt be all sorts of wares on display from a huge cast of global developers and publishers. Whatever your pleasure, chances are there will be something rad for you to lay your eyes and ears on, presented by a roster of dudes in t-shirts and sport jackets, clapping at their own statements… sigh… I just wanna see Shantae.

But before allllll of that, we’ve had a week, and now it’s a weekend. As is the style of things here at Destructoid, it’s time to let us know what you’ve all been playing. After all, with a host of new games getting announced next week, it’s probably time to grind through your backlog. So whatever you’re playing, drop us a message below and fill us in.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid. And be sure to stick around for all of E3 2019’s exciting developments, this weekend and beyond!

*Experience may vary

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