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whatcha been playing street fighter beta

Back on the Street

Goooood Weekend, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? I hope that this has been a wicked one for you all, and that this weekend is wickeder, wicky-wicky-wickeder. You join me as a hit Day Two of a long weekend, which is something of an amazing rarity for The Industry’s Chris Moyse, and I’m very happy to be only half thinking about work, preparing for a series of major game launches as well as the coming tidal wave of live streams and dopey summer shows.

Still, I’m hoping to face it with a fresh sense of vigor — powered by the fact that my horrible gout bout has mostly cleared up, and enthused with the coming launch of Street Fighter 6 and Diablo IV, two titles that are going to beat the ever-loving shit out of my calendar for the next couple of years. Still, games that you actually are happy to dedicate years to is a fine problem to have. I hope SF6, in particular, brings me even more long-term enjoyment, adventures, and new friends, as SFV did.

Won’t be hard on the former at any rate.

Back on the Beat

Speaking of Street Fighter 6, I’m going to be spending most of this weekend running aroun’ the new open beta, getting into scrapes and wondering why I’m not automatically winning because “I’m excited about the game”. To be fair, I’m actually more than competent at Streets, and great on the right day. But given the fact I’ve been playing since NINTEEN NINETY-ONE, I probably should be much better.

When not throwing fists this week, I have spent some time tearing up the kingdom in Zelda: Tear up the Kingdom. That’s a pretty rad game, right? I just like the cooking, really. And the gluing together, and Link in his pants. I’m in no doubt that many of you have also been enjoying Nintendo’s latest, and I’m sure that you’re about to tell me all about it in the comments. Looking forward to hearing about your builds and adventures.

But hey, teacher, leave those Koroks alone.

Back on the Feet (Juri’s)

So before you, yourself get stuck into a totally tubular weekend of gaming, or movies, or comics, or even just trying to recharge your energy cells, please take a moment to jump into the comments and share with me and your community member friends Whatcha Been Playing. While I’m sure a helluva lot of you are going together poorly constructed rafts, ladders, and catapults, we are a diverse crew here at Destructoid, and there are no rules to your own entertainment. So whatever you’re up to this weekend, tell us a bit about it. long form or short. I just wanna hear from you, friends. Thanks for stopping in.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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