Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

whatcha been playing dead island 2


Howdy ho, my friendly batch o’ buckeroos, and welcome to this week’s Whatcha Been Playing? You find me at the end of a pretty heavy week, which has seen me operating on very, very little sleep, thanks to some medicine-induced insomnia. I’m most certainly looking forward to resting up today, and I hope that, wherever you are and however you’re doing, that you too find the opportunity to take some time for yourself and recover from the trials and tribulations of the week.

Have yourself some coffee and cake. Or whatever floats your throat boat. I know I’m going to be treating myself today, and I think that you should to. Ahhhh, that’s some quality enabling.


This week has been a week defined by zombies and insomnia. I’ve spent my hours either failing to get any sleep at all, or smashing in the heavy heads of the undead. This, as you might imagine, has made for something of a delirious mindset for your pal Moyse — A fever dream of tired, red eyes, dizzying evenings, and fever dreams of severed limbs and exploding brains.

It’s almost getting to the point where the two are starting to merge, but I will deny all of the above in court, should it ever come to that. Regardless, Dead Island 2 is much better than anyone thought it was going to be, even if it is hardly Game of the Year material. Oh, I also went on a secret journey to a secret place, but that’s information better saved for a later date.


So now there ain’t nothing left to it but to do it. And I want to see you jumping into this weekend with your whole ass, ensuring that it is a great one for you, and for those around you. Be good to the people you care about, and be good to yourself, and I’m sure that — whatever your plans — you’ll make the weekend work for thee. And if you want to make the weekend work for me, then all you gots to do is dive into the comments and tell your fellow community members Whatcha Been Playing.

We’re certainly in a quieter spot right now, but that’s fine, because a squillion video games exist, and we all want to hear what you, that’s anyone reading this, are enjoying. Fill us in!

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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