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Remember, Remember…

Good morning, friends and witnesses, and welcome to this week’s Whatcha Been Playing? May I start out by thanking everybody for their very, very kind birthday wishes last weekend. I had a pretty cool day, even if it was a little quieter than usual. I’m a busy fella, y’see? Still, I had a delicious donut and watched Sunset Boulevard for the 180th time, so it could have gone a whole lot worse. What really made it special, however, was the kindness shown to me here, in the Qposts, and on Twitter, so thank you.

I hope that your November has gotten off to a rollicking start, and as the year starts wheezing to its conclusion, I hope that November offers up some great memories — gaming or otherwise — to carry you into the coming holiday season. Go out and end this year with a bang. It’s yours for the taking.

Fall Brawl

I wish I had more to say about video games right now, but I’m frankly just too swamped with work. I’ve been forcing myself to try and enjoy Overwatch 2, but something just isn’t clicking. As many of you know, Overwatch is easily in my Top Five of all time, and I think the pseudo-sequel looks and plays brilliantly, (in regards to visuals, controls, smoothness). But the satisfaction just isn’t there. I feel redundant as Support, I feel hugely overpowered as a DPS, and nobody seems to give a shit about using your shield when you Tank. Add to this the dull-as-dishwater Battle Pass and, somewhere down the line, the pieces have started falling off of the payload. Still, there is plenty of time to turn this around…

…Well, there’s a little bit of time. Once Street Fighter 6 drops, I’m gone like Enron.

Halloween Ends

Anywhoooo, it’s your time now, so I’d like to see all y’all jump into the comments and share with your fellow community members all of the games, (or perhaps other forms of entertainment), that are keeping the pulse-pounding and the cortexes firing as we hit 2022’s final furlong. Whether this is your first time here, or you’re a beloved regular, you’re as welcome to take part as anybody. So, before you get your fine weekend underway, take two minutes to tell us all, with feeling, Whatcha Been Playing?

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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