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Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

You beta believe it!

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Hello, friends of me, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? It’s sure getting chillier as we enter the fall season — at least it is in my neck of the woods — and I hope that all y’all have warm things to snuggle up to, be that people, plush toys, or PS4 Pros running God of War. It’s strange to see the darker evenings draw in, as yet another year seemingly rushes by. But there are a couple of months to go before we wave g’bye to 2022, so be sure to get out there and deliver your own brand of street justice love.

Me, I’m being economic with the heating, doubling up on the layers, and settling into a weekend with the Street Fighter 6 beta. It will be nice to get the ever-loving shit kicked out of me before the game has even got a release date, thus ensuring I roll into Capcom’s new sequel with a special sense of pessimism. Joking aside (not joking), I’m looking forward to kicking up my feet, and getting a load of Juri’s.

For those of you who wanted in, but did not get a code. I know that it sucks to miss out, but I’m in no doubt that Capcom will follow this up with an open beta before long, much like they did with SFV. SO just hang tight, World Warriors. We await your return.


And thus, my weekend will be spent squeezing almost every minute I can out of the aforementioned beta. While I will, of course, be rocking all over the world with my main squeeze Juri, I will also be sure to spend some time with a couple of other characters that have taken my eye, namely the bodypoppin’ princess Kimberly, and the mighty Ken Masters (Layabout Variant). As for this week, I’ve been too inundated to play much, but I do have some exciting reviews and write-ups on the horizon, including my thoughts on grim shmup NeverAwake, and an even grimmer title featuring two brave children and a smothering army of beady-eyed rodents… Yikes!


So, while my and my gurl get back to lying flat on our backs — little birdies tweeting round and round our heads — we’d like to see you dive headlong into the comments and let us know what games have been keeping you entertained this week and weekend. Take a couple of minutes to share with us all whatcha been playing, maybe check in on the replies of your fellow community members, and then head on out into your own weekend, and be sure to make it a wicked one. Thanks for stopping by, love you!

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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