Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

whatcha been playing destructoid dnf duel

Didn’t I promise you fireworks?

Well howdy there, buckeroos, welcome to the weekend, and Whatcha Been Playing? For our American readers, (which analytics tells me is about 90% of you), I believe that it is a holiday weekend. Independence Day, no less. I hope that you have a very happy weekend and that you’re able to find some time for good food, good gaming, and good friends. If you’re working, that’s unfortunate, but I hope your shift goes smoothly, and that you can treat yourself once you get back home. You’ve all earned a break, so be kind to yourself, however you see fit.

And, if you aren’t feeling particularly patriotic, well, I get it. I don’t see myself saluting the flag of any country ever again, quite frankly. But you are not your leaders nor their choices. I sure as hell am not mine. And while many of us across the world are feeling the frustrations of stunted bureaucracy, we can still ensure that we remain kind to ourselves, our friends, and those in need. So enjoy yourself this weekend. Make it matter for you, and those around you.

Paternity Punch-up

This week has been spent in the wild world of fighting games. I’ve been sucked into the absurdist but very compelling DNF Duel, and I’ve also spent some time getting acquainted with my old Night Warrior buddies in Capcom Fighting Collection. I did notice something funny, however.

In DNF Duel and Darkstalkers 3, I’ve respectively gravitated toward Enchantress and B.B. Hood as my main characters. Am I getting to that age? Am I now choosing characters based on my desire to raise them correctly, pick them up from school, attend dance recitals, and punch out tutors at PTA meetings? I guess your priorities change as you age. Today, instead of rocking the hotties (of which DNF has many), I’m looking for characters who I can be proud of when they graduate. Lordy, next thing you know I’m gonna be one of those dipshits who wears a shirt that says  “I’m The Dad and I’m ARMED”.

The Get Up Kids

Anyway, ain’t nothing to it but to do it. Before you all go gallivanting about your day, I’d be very happy if you would join us in the comments and tell your fellow Destructoid readers Whatcha Been Playing. I honestly can’t remember the last time the first half of a year rolled out so many gems — we’re spoiled for choice right now — and that’s on top of our backlogs! So, get into the community vibe and tell the people what they should be playing. They’ll listen to you. You’re a good kid. Like my daughter, Enchantress.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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