Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

‘You are all ready for bed’

It’s Saturday morning, which means many of you are now chillin’ in your underpants with a coffee, or perhaps I’m mistaken and you’re all dressed and full of spunk, ready for a productive day ahead. It depends on what you want from your weekend, right?

This week, I’ve mostly been hitting two video games, squeezed in between a helluva lot of other tasks and chores. First up, I’ve been creeping through Swery’s mind via the odd and emotive The Missing, leading young J.J. Macfield through the nightmarish Island of Memories. Far less subversive – but by no means less dramatic – I’ve been running the silent-but-violent Kenshiro through post-apocalyptic Earth, literally blowing up motherfuckers left, right and center. It’s been mindless repetitive fun. But more on both of those titles in the near future.

Anyway, what have you beautiful guys ‘n’ gals been hitting? There’s been a lot of big releases recently, Spider-Man, FIFA 19, Tomb Raider Valkyria Chronicles 4 to name but a few. With even more top titles on the horizon – and only so much time and money in the world – do let us know how you’ve been (or will be) spending yours.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid. Here’s a tune to get you pumped for the day.

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