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NieR, far, wherever you are

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Have you had your jab yet? I haven’t had my jab yet. This seems pretty weird, as most of my American pals have had theirs, as have my British pals, as have my family. And I’m as old or older than all of these people. Well, except for my parents. I wonder if my clinic has forgotten my number… me, their No.1 customer. I have my own parking spot and everything. The worst part is, in 15 years when you all turn into raving psychotic killers ala Blue Sunshine, it’ll be up to me to find a cure to save you and the entire world… And I’m really tired.

Oh, also, welcome to the weekend…

I’ve spent most of my time this week bouncing between three titles: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to wind up Season 2, Street Fighter V to get to grips with main squeeze Rose, and finally NieR: Automata just to scratch a bit of a hack ‘n’ slash itch, brought to the forefront by the arrival of NieR Replicant. After the last year or two on planet Earth, it’s been nice to wander around the bleak, grey, post-apocalyptic NieR universe. It makes for a refreshing change. Who says you need Animal Crossing: New Horizons during a global pandemic? 2B or not 2B, folks.

Before you get your weekend well underway, be sure to dive into the comics below and let us know what fantasy worlds you’ve been spending your recent hours in. Whether you’re neck-deep in all those new next-gen titles, (stop with the constant next-gen titles already!), or just enjoying some new-to-you adventures, please share your good times with us. I’m already looking forward to hearing about them.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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