Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

I caught very few, frankly

Welcome to the weekend, folks! May I be the first to wish you a very happy Pokémon Day… PokéDay? Well, whatever it is, I hope for all of you budding trainers out there it’s a fun one. Pokémon is such a social game, but has somehow managed to survive the difficulties of these socially distanced times. Then again, given that Pokémon as a brand has been going for some 25 years, the lil’ critters are pretty much bulletproof at this point.

I have to admit, it all kind of passed me by. I was already a little old and the weight of the world had already crushed my youthful spirit, (I was 16), but I do remember the flurry of excitement for various releases from my years working in gaming retail – Pokémon Stadium‘s release on N64 was a particularly a nightmare time to be a shop worker. Oh, and I also hit someone with a plush Pikachu in a wrestling match… There was half a brick inside it. That part’s important. I choose you.

But this article doesn’t have to be about Pokémon, (you’ll get some fun articles on that later today). For now, toss your (Poké)balls into the comments and let us know what games you’ve been hitting this past week, or have lined up for your weekend. Old or new, good or bad, Pearl or Diamond – it’s all valid here. Fill us in on the action and then get on with enjoying your day. As always, thanks for stopping by, y’all!

Have a safe and pleasant weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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