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You were made to be ruled

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Hello, Destructoid. It’s Saturday once again and I hope that this week has been a good one for you. The world continues to spin on an awkward axle right now, but I hope you and yours are all doing all well as can be. Please stay safe and take comfort in the small joys wherever you may find them. You have already proven that you’ve got this.

My small joys? Well, being a beautiful socialite in 17th century France is definitely up there. And as such I took advantage of the Steam Summer Festival to check out the demo for Ambition: A Minuet of Power, which is a title I wrote about many moons ago and have been waiting on patiently ever since. In this visual novel, players step into the shoes of Yvette Decraux, a small-town woman with avaricious desires to be planted firmly on top of the food chain.

Armed with a sharp tongue, wagging ears, and a simply divine wardrobe, Yvette must use her Machiavellian ways to scandal, sleaze, and seduce her way to power against the backdrop of the French Revolution, lest she find herself having a one-night-stand with the guillotine. While I look forward to the final release, I will admit the demo was disappointing – hindered by its bugs and short length. But with delicious artwork, a sweeping score, and a cast of shifty characters, Ambition: A Minuet of Power remains firmly on my radar, and I look forward to ruling over you all as the Duchess I deserve to be.

Until that wonderful time, you may regale me with tales of your own gaming exploits. I’m in no doubt many of you have been elbow-deep in corpses courtesy of The Last of Us Part II, but there are plenty of other titles rocking the market right now. So whatever you’re playing, take a moment to leave a comment below and let us in on the action. Thank you for being a part of this weekly get together, it always warms my heart to see so many people sharing their experiences in these strangest of days.

Oh, and no spoilers please, be cool to your fellow community pals. Thanks!

Have a safe and pleasant weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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