What your favorite video game means about you

Do you love stereotypes? Really?!?! So do I! Event better, I love stereotypes about people who love certain games. Our buddies over at DoubleViking put together a rather genius list about what your favorite video game says about you. Do you find yourself falling in line? Have something you wanna add? Let us know what needs to be added to this uber list.

  • PONG: They’re either a smartass…or mentally challenged.
  • Goldeneye for N64: They didn’t “get any” in high school.
  • “Anything with Mario”: They’re either a 10-year-old boy, or a meth dealer from Florida.
  • Final Fantasy III/Chrono Trigger: Not only did they not “get any” in high school, they’re still not quite sure what “getting any” means
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: They’re the dudes buying the meth from the Mario fans
  • WiiSports: They’re currently looking for more bandwagons to jump onto
  • Dead or Alive: Someone with a serious, borderline dangerous, Asian fetish
  • Nintendogs for the DS: You never fully recovered from the car accident
  • NBA Live 2k6: You drive a Toyota and love a smidge of mayonnaise on your bland turkey sandwich
  • Anything on PS3: You either rich, or a dude who loves selling things on eBay.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: You live alone, you haven’t dated a girl in three years and your knife collection is growing every day
  • Ninja Gaiden, Black: You used to beat up dudes in high school
  • Halo 3: You’ve got a sweet ass time machine, seeing as the game hasn’t come out yet. 
  • WarioWare—Touched for Nintendo DS: You love giving people “high fives” at inappropriate times, like funerals, or during sex
  • Kingdom Hearts: You’re gay…you just don’t know it yet because you’re 10-years-old


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