What to craft with Wind Shards in Final Fantasy XVI (FF16)

Don’t get winded

Final Fantasy 16 is the latest entry in the long-running franchise. This adventure stars Clive who faces off against the Eikons while on a quest to save Valisthea. One of the first Eikons he battles is Garuda, and you can acquire a Wind Shard if you defeat her. This item will initially seem weird, but it is very useful.

Read this guide if you want to learn what to do with the Wind Shard in Final Fantasy 16.

Clive and Garuda in Final Fantasy 16.
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How to acquire Wind Shards in Final Fantasy 16

To get a Wind Shard, Clive has to defeat Garuda the wind Eikon. She is encountered in the quest “Awakening”, which shows up during the game’s early hours. It is the fourteenth main quest, and it comes after a showdown with Benedikta. During the quest, Clive faces off against the humongous foe, and she serves up devastating wind-based attacks.

You’ll have to be pretty good at dodging and parrying in Final Fantasy 16 to stay alive, as Garuda dishes out quick attacks using her whiplike tail. She also grabs at Clive with her sharp claws. Keep your distance, and hit the enemy with long-range attacks.

When the enemy’s Will Guage is down to half, use the Deadly Embrace ability to pull her down, allowing Clive to deal extensive stagger damage for a brief period. This is a good time to use attacks such as Rising Flames, Scarlet Cyclone, and Gouge. Attack at close range once again when the Will Gauge is completely depleted.

In the final stage of the battle, Clive will transform into Ifrit. The battle rages on, and you’ll have to dodge incoming tornadoes and fire your own ranged attacks to block those coming from Garuda. Once the Eikon of wind has been defeated, you’ll receive a single Wind Shard for your troubles.

Stormcry Sword in Final Fantasy 16.
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What to do with Wind Shards in Final Fantasy 16

The Wind Shard is a rare resource that you can use to craft the Stormcry Sword. To do this, head back to the Hideaway and chat to the Blacksmith. Give him the Wid Shard, and you’ll get the sword in return. The Stormcry Sword is one of the best weapons to have on you during the early hours of the game, as it deals a whopping 135 damage and 135 stagger damage.

As the first proper Eikon showdown that Clive endures, the battle with Garuda is a memorable one, and it reveals more about Final Fantasy 16‘s gripping story. The Wind Shard reward is also a nice treat because of the weapon that can be made with it.

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