What the hell?! Captain Toad has a spin attack!

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Have you ever pushed through an annoying sequence without realizing that you were in fact “playing it wrong” and failing to grasp a concept or mechanic? I am guilty of this, but I’m struggling to think of an example newer than infinitely-spawning troops in Call of Duty‘s Veteran difficulty.

Well, here’s one oversight I won’t soon forget: Captain Toad has an attack in Treasure Tracker. And no, I don’t mean throwing turnips. Next you’re going to tell me he can secretly do triple jumps.

Writing on Miiverse, director Shinya Hiratake breaks it down: “This might be going off on a bit of a tangent, but another one of the questions we received was ‘Why did you include an attack for Captain Toad where he gets dizzy from spinning around?’ This action is actually supposed to be Captain Toad attacking enemies with his backpack! We added it in because we wanted to give his backpack another purpose besides preventing him from jumping! We also wanted to add another means of attack besides throwing stuff, for players who have got used to playing the game!”

The move requires some setup to get the timing just right — you have to spin the analog stick around a few times — but it totally works. See the clip below.

Captain Toad Developer’s Room [Miiverse via Alison Rapp]

I’m not even mad. I might as well take this discovery as a gentle push to wrap up Treasure Tracker.

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