What the heck is Verhoeven’s videogame-based movie?

The greatest director ever, “Robocop” and “Starship Trooper’s” Paul Verhoeven, is set to direct a film based on a videogame property. Chatting with MTV, Verhoeven revealed a bit about this latest project, calling it a combination of “Indiana Jones”-style stuff and Hitchcock junk. He then went on to say that the 1914-situated movie “exists already” in the form of a videogame. Unfortunately, that’s where Verhoeven stopped, which left more than a few of us guessing as to what the game could be.

As MTV Multiplayer points out, Slashfilm probably puzzled it out. Slash reckons that the flick will be based on The Last Express, an adventure game that is situated in 1914 and seems to feature what Verhoeven is talking about. So, yeah, sorry Robocop arcade fans … perhaps someday you’ll get what you deserve.

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