What the Golf? is out on Steam and it threw in a bonus level editor

A chaotic and fun collection of ‘sports’-related mini-games

I know some of you are still subscribed to Apple Arcade (hopefully not unintentionally!), but for me, the subscription service feels like a fever dream in 2020. Did I really play What the Golf? over a year ago? I did. I loved it, and I think the iPhone was a great fit for the silly sports spoof game, but I’ve moved on.

My three favorite Apple Arcade titles – What the Golf?, Shinsekai: Into the Depths, and Grindstone – have either branched out to other platforms or are planning to (in the case of Capybara’s puzzle gem).

This week, Triband brought What the Golf? to Steam, and if that doesn’t sound enticing enough on its own, maybe the level editor will. The anything-goes nature of this game is ideal for custom stages.

“We’ve received so many level ideas from the community and our inbox is now full of them… so now there’s a level editor,” said Triband co-founder Tim Garbos. The level editor is in “early access alpha beta preview” (hah) and the game’s Discord is ready and waiting for feedback from intrepid creators.

It’s also worth noting that the Steam version comes with the bonus Sporty Sports levels if you missed them. What the Golf? will typically cost $20, but with a launch-week discount, it’s down to $13.99.

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