What the F: Grip-It slip prevention analog stick covers

Here’s a thing that is really real. It’s called Grip-It. It’s a cover for the analog sticks of your PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers. A Gym Hat, I’m calling ’em. They’re supposed to increase comfort and decrease slipping.

Every gamer knows the hazards of their thumbs accidentally slipping off an analog stick during a game session; it can even be the deciding factor between success and failure at key moments. Grip-It eliminates this hazard thanks to its slip protection material that feels good on fingers while at the same time enhancing the sensitivity of your directional commands. Plus, the Grip-It helps prolong analog stick life, because you won’t need to push as hard on your controllers to have control of your game.

Slipping. Protection. Feels Good. Sensitivity. Push hard.

Much like…well, something else, you kind of just roll it over the stick to apply. They come four to a set and are currently available at retailers for $4.99. I’m going to see if I can find a set today.

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