What terrific terrors will you be enjoying this Halloween night?

Everyone’s entitled to one good scare

Feel that chill up your spine? Hear that wolf howling at the moon? See that dude in the boiler suit standing among your clean laundry? Indeed, the witching season is upon us, the calendar has… erm… struck October 31, and it’s time to do the Monster Mash, (which is a dance, not a song) for today is Halloween.

Horror has always been deeply embedded in our beloved medium, from Exidy’s 1986 gorefest Chiller, to grim CD-ROM adventures like Ripper and Phantasmagoria, to modern survival horror classics such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame. It seems that a lot of you sadists can never get enough digital gore, creaking corridors, skin-crawling monsters, and demon-faced jump-scares, with more horror-based video games available today than ever before.

So I thought we’d open up the floor this Halloween and ask all of you, our beloved community, what entertainment you have lined up for your Halloween night. Obviously nightmarish gaming sessions are our main priority here, but we do love a good movie at Destructoid, so if you’re having a scary movie marathon instead, then share those plans with us too. We’re looking forward to seeing what thrills and chills you all have lined up for this evening.

And remember, if go trick-or-treating, watch out for candy laced with LSD. In fact, if you get some, you best give it all to me for safe eating keeping. Happy Halloween, folks!

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