What Street Fighter IV figures do you want? Go vote for em!

Regardless of whether you like the look of the new Street Fighter IV characters or you feel there’s just more crotch there than you bargained for, having some well-made toys of your favorites is nothing to complain about. If you head over to Capcom’s Unity blog, you can actually participate in voting for which figures get made. From the blog:

So we’re thinking about whipping up a new batch of SFIV figurines. We’re just dipping our toes in the water, and so won’t be making ALL of the characters right now, but we would like to make a few. If we’re not producing the whole cast, the question is which ones DO we make?

Obviously the new characters are cool, but Ryu, Chun, etc. are icons… Tough call. Anyway, rather than strapping on our thinking caps and then producing a bunch of stuff that nobody actually wants, we thought we’d ask you what you thought about it.

Woo! I’d take an E.Honda, personally, but I’m guessing that most people will throw their votes down for Chun-Li (despite her terrifying new thighs.) Go vote and come abck and tell us who your pick is, as I’m curious to know what most people will vote for.

[Thanks Seth!]

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