What secrets await in Forspoken’s Forbidden Meadow?

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The Forbidden Meadow of Forspoken is a seemingly inaccessible garden that lies to the rear of Junoon Castle, the starting point of Frey Holland’s magical adventure in Athia. Enclosed in a fort-like building and inaccessible from the outside, players may be wondering how to access this area and what secrets lie within. Well, we’re going to tell you right now…

To access the Forbidden Meadow, the player must have first completed the main questline, and also activated the Detour “Lost Lullabies”. Please see our other guide on starting the latter.

Once the player has left Cipal by the rear gate and revisited the Junoon castle, they should then leave the castle by the rear, where they will see a dilapidated courtyard notable for its straight lines of pillars. This is The Altar of Assaan As she enters this area, Frey will suddenly be attacked by a large party of powerful enemies, so you better bring your magical A-game and a fistful of Healing Draughts. Once the danger has passed and the storm settled, approach the treasure chest located at the end of the courtyard.

As Frey approaches the chest, a portal will open up ahead of her. Step through the portal and you will then find yourself inside The Forbidden Meadow — A small garden that houses a selection of treasure chests, and a huge supply of plant-based crafting materials, from Balm Flax, to Wild Musk, to Fluteblossom. The grand prize sits in the center of the garden in an ornate treasure chest, which contains one of Forspoken’s most powerful and regal capes, “Incomparable”, which once belonged to Tanta Cinta herself.

Once she has opened the chests, collected the cape, and stocked up on materials, Frey can leave The Forbidden Meadow via the huge wooden doors — Ready to take of Athian baddies now weighted down with what appears to be the heaviest cape in human history.

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