What old series do you want to see Sega bring back the most?

A proper NiGHTS into Dreams revival, please

Sega has given us a major tease ahead of E3, noting that they want to revive “major IPs” as part of a sort of corporate restructuring. We’ve already seen some revivals, a few of which have had success. Just look at the well received Strider, for instance. But this strategy seems to be kicking it into overdrive, just like Capcom has been doing with all of its remasters these past few years.

For me, Sega is sitting on a gem with Nights. Sure, we got a Nights game as recently as 2007 on the Wii, but it wasn’t really what the series deserved. A true follow-up with more polish and an over-the-top soundtrack could make waves, especially on the Switch. If Sega was so inclined, Virtua Cop would work great with the PlayStation VR (and possibly the Move Aim Controller).

But enough about my wants, tell us your top picks, preferably with childhood stories to boot!

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