What minigames are better than the games they’re in?

Podtoid 352: Masterful Minigames

We had a fabulous question this week that ended up comprising the bulk of our conversation in this, the slow season for games, and that is: which minigames actually surpass the game they’re housed within, like an 8 ball hidden within a matryoshka.

That’s why Podtoid 352 is called Masterful Minigames. The usual suspects are present. Darren and I talked about how much better Monkey Target is compared to the Super Monkey Ball main game, we agreed that Kingdom Hearts‘ Gummi Ships are actually the best Star Fox game, and I got in a few more nods to Kirby’s Air Ride, because I still can’t get over how good that game was. Also please tell me I wasn’t the only one obsessed with Sonic Adventure 2‘s Chao Garden because trying to describe it to two people unfamiliar with it made me sound like a fucking lunatic.

Stay until the end for Darren’s absolute worst Podtoid Hot Dish so far.

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