What might a futuristic Vanillaware game look like?

Something like Kamitani’s latest New Year’s drawing, I reckon

Vanillaware chief George Kamitani has a lovely annual tradition. Every New Year’s the Dragon’s Crown and Odin Sphere design director celebrates by sharing a lavish piece of art with the world.

It isn’t a teaser for the studio’s next project. Well, it could be. History suggests otherwise, though. The previous pieces, some of which are pictured below, bear little resemblance to Vanillaware’s recent ventures, you know, aside from Kamitani’s unmistakable signature style. 

It’s just an incredibly pretty/weird thing to marvel at, a little window into what it might be like if Vanillaware were ever to stray from its medieval fantasy roots. The robotic sci-fi look isn’t half bad.

Vanillaware Co., Ltd. 2015 [Vanillaware via NeoGAF

Kyle MacGregor Burleson