What is your take on HD remakes this generation?

I’m for them, depending on the situation

Are you ready for some remakes? Capcom is, as are a ton of other publishers. It feels like every other week there’s an announcement for a “remastered” or “definitive” edition of a recently released game, and at times, it can get a bit ridiculous.

I’ve seen a lot of talk recently regarding this practice, and I figured it was time for a discussion.

Personally, as I said earlier this morning, I’m for them as long as they’re based on good games. I can definitely understand the hate though, especially when the market is currently being flooded with them. In fact, I do have outright disdain for HD remakes of fairly recent games — Devil May Cry 4 would be pushing it as a 2008 re-release if it weren’t for the metric shit-ton of extra content, but a near shot-for-shot remaster of God of War III from 2010? That’s pushing it.

Contrary to popular belief, HD remakes don’t always “take away” from the development of a new game. Some publishers aren’t willing to risk their IPs, so if an HD remake wasn’t produced, we may not hear from a series in general for longer periods of time. In fact, it’s been said multiple times that these projects actually fund new ventures. The Wii U generally gets away with having more original work than remakes, but then again, it’s not exactly swimming in third-party support.

But what do you think? Are you tired of it already?

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