What is your favorite ‘patriotic’ video game?

It can also be ironically jingoistic

Over the years, we’ve seen a ton of games featured in America. Whether it’s the days of old with Oregon Trail and Assassin’s Creed III or a snapshot of modern consumerism with the American Gladiators on the SNES, it’s not hard to get a dose of the good ol’ USA on nearly every platform to date.

With July 4th looming over us, let’s reminiscence about some of the more ridiculous or memorable moments in American gaming history. You can talk about Grand Theft Auto V‘s “american dream” storyline, controversial titles like JFK: Reloaded, and outright silly games like American McGee’s Bad Day LA.

As for myself? I still remember beating Bruce Willis’ Apocalypse video game for the PS1 (yes it was a real thing) where you fight the final boss in the Oval Office. It was absurd and over-the-top in all the right ways, and that challenging encounter has been burned in my memory for all time.

Share your stories below, and have a great weekend!

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