What is your favorite Bethesda era Fallout game?

New Vegas, baby

Barring the amazing original PC series, I want to know what people think of the newer takes on the Fallout franchise. I’ve seen so many conversations regarding Bethesda’s reign, and although there’s lots of love for Fallout 4, a lot of people prefer the Capital Wasteland of 3, and others, such as myself, still think New Vegas is king.

Personally, I think Obsidian (who handled Vegas) just does better RPGs, plan and simple. The writing in New Vegas was a cut above Bethesda’s work, and the sidequests and characters were so much better for it. Sure it didn’t iterate a whole lot gameplay-wise on 3, but the world and lore felt as alive as ever. It was like playing Interplay’s old series all over again.

Now that we’ve had time to simmer and reflect on Fallout 4, what’s your favorite of the three? You can include DLC or mod experiences in your assessment as an all-encompassing vote.

Chris Carter
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