What is Trine? Let’s find out, shall we?

A bunch of new assets are up for a PSN/PC game that I’ve never heard of, Trine. I must have obviously overslept on the day this was announced, because it looks incredibly gorgeous, and the focus on physics-based platforming action sounds like it could be a great little title.

A new Web site for Trine opened up today, and developer Nobilis Group has released a number of screenshots. I’m definitely interested, and hope to see more very soon. Check out the screens and let us know what you think. I believe the PSN may have another upcoming winner on its hands.

A magical adventure…

In a kingdom facing chaos and forbidden magic, 3 heroes are bound (whether they like it or not) by a powerful artifact “the Trine”. However, they are the only ones that can put an end to the reign of the dark undead sorcerer that has overtaken the kingdom. Pontius the Brave, Amadeus the Magnificent and the mysterious thief Zoya will have to master their skills and help each other in order to face danger and restore peace.

Take your first steps in the amazing TRINE universe at www.trine-thegame.com

You will find out more about the story and have the chance to marvel at a collection of new screenshots!


Once upon a time…
After a promising teaser released in December 2008, learn more about this outstanding game developed in Finland. Trine gives the possibility to control three significantly different characters at any time during the game, offering several ways to overcome the various obstacles. For more detail, visit the official website!

New screenshots featuring the NEW and FINAL heroes’ design
Discover 10 new beautiful visuals from the game with a rich and colourful 3D environment.

A teaser and more!
Watch and watch again the exciting game teaser, join the TRINE community now and ask questions directly from the developers.

New fresh updates soon available:
– a new trailer,
– an interview with the developers,
– biography of each of the 3 heroes
And many more surprises to come!

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