World of Horror Miku Prescription
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What is the prescription for in World of Horror?

Don't just take any old pills you find.

The prescription can be a bit of an enigmatic item to come across in World of Horror. It’s dropped by an enemy that you come across randomly, and then it just sits in your inventory. Its description doesn’t really help. It just coyly asks where you’d take something like it. And that’s kind of obvious, but also not really. Not immediately, anyway. In fact, if you don’t have the “Shiokawa History III” achievement already, turn around and do that before diving deeper into this guide.

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So, first, you get the prescription by defeating an enemy called Rioter. The Rioter can be found randomly when investigating the downtown area of Shiokawa, and they appear as a masked individual.

World of Horror Prescription
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After you have the prescription, you then need to take it to the pharmacy, along with four funds in your inventory. The pharmacy is at the hospital, but you won’t have access to it right away. You first need access to the City Planning phase of startup, which is unlocked by having 15 achievements. This unlocks the “Shiokawa History I” achievement and will let you customize the city locations at the beginning of the game.

Once you take it to the pharmacy, along with the necessary funds, you need to go into your inventory, select the prescription, and use it. This will give you the “Expensive Drug” non-item. That is to say, it won’t appear in your inventory, so don’t panic and think the nurse just mugged you.

Okay, so now we hit another roadblock. You need to take the expensive drug to the illegal den. Unfortunately, this isn’t unlocked until you hit 25 achievements and get “Shiokawa History III.”

Once you have redeemed the prescription and visit the Illegal Den, you’ll see Miku sitting, nursing the wounds you gave her (she was the Rioter). Handing over the expensive drug will unlock her as a playable character and net you the “Soft Side” achievement. Miku has +Strength and -Perception. She comes with the Mayhem bonus, which increases all her stats every time the Doom meter passes a threshold.

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