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What is the Black family motto in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

It’s easy to remember, I’m totally Sirius

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Close to the end of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll kick off a quest called “The Polyjuice Plot.” There, you’ll need to ascertain the Black family motto to finish up the quest, and gain access to the headmaster’s private quarters. Here’s how to navigate the quest, and uncover some Wizarding World lore in the process.

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The Black family motto deals with “purity of blood,” otherwise known as Toujours Pur

In what is certain to be a fan-favorite quest, The Polyjuice Plot takes a turn in that it literally allows the player to morph into the cantankerous Phineas Nigellus Black for a short while. While the Polyjuice Potion is active, you’ll get the chance to talk with some of your “colleagues” as Phineas for a bit of fun, as you slowly make your way to the headmaster’s room for a crucial plot element. The catch is that it’s protected by a password: but you’ll be getting that from Scrope, Phineas’ house-elf.

Head to the main hall to speak to Scrope, who will test you on the family motto. Don’t stress out too much here, as there is no wrong answer. The player (as Phineas) will get the answer either way, but if you’re looking for the fast track, choose “Always Pure.” This will translate into “Toujours Pur” in French, which is the final puzzle solution.

This is all one giant reference to the Wizarding World’s Black family, with perhaps the most famous member being Sirius Black: played by Gary Oldman in the Harry Potter film series.

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