What is Magolor mode in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe?

Is it worth it?

As you progress through Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe and clear the main story, you’ll unlock an epilogue in Magalor mode: which is one of the main selling points of the Switch re-release. Here’s a rundown of what to expect, whether or not it’s worth it, and some tips to help you get more platinum trophies on your way to 100% this new mode.

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Magolor Mode is another story experience that continues the narrative of Return to Dream Land

After clearing the roughly 5-6 hour main story, you’ll unlock Magolor Mode, which will last you another several hours. Think of this like an epilogue: it deals with Magolor after he was defeated by Kirby and crew. You’ll take control of Magolor, who has basically no abilities to begin with: and train him up until he’s shooting Dragon Ball Z blasts and floating around the screen.

So is it worth it as a legitimate bonus for this re-release? I think so! I had a blast controlling Magolor and relearning the ins and outs of the Return to Dream Land system, and the RPG-like mechanic of earning new abilities is really fun. You can basically build Magolor the way you want to, and there’s a decent enough incentive to power everything up to feel like a true Kirby game boss.

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Quick tips for Magolor mode to help you get a Platinum rating every time

Magolor mode has a ranking system that goes all the way up to platinum in the form of magic points. Although you only need to score Gold on every level to unlock everything, here are some tips that will help you rack up magic points:

Max out levitate first

The levitate skill is a really important tool in your arsenal. Not only does it help you get from place to place to clear levels quicker: you can also dodge enemies with greater ease, which can influence your overall score. Even if you don’t want to max out the skill quickly, consider upgrading to the first level as soon as possible. The extra locomotion will help you tremendously.

Do every challenge room as soon as you get to it

Every so often you’ll come across a challenge room on the level map, which requires a certain skill (often times at higher levels) to enter. These challenges are based around the skill in question.

Challenge rooms provide huge XP boosts, so it behooves you to unlock them by putting magic points into them to reap the rewards, and in turn, pump more points into other skills. Try and keep a small pool of XP available at the start of a new area, until you uncover what the challenge room requires.

Spam the downward bomb attack on bosses

The downward bomb attack is one of the most reliable moves Magolor has damage-wise, and you can spam it pretty easily. Leveling it up will grant you more bomb projectiles, which will all hit the boss at once, allowing you to use the move again and again. You can even use it on the ground!

Wait to fully upgrade the upward shot for the final boss

The upward shot on the other hand has more limited uses, but it works wonders for the final boss. If you’re struggling, consider upgrading it fully to get a leg-up on the last encounter in the game.

Score combos (which are crucial for Platinum ratings) are heavily linked to not getting hit

Not getting hit and keeping your combo alive is very important for Platinum ratings in Magalor mode: which is why we’ve recommended all of the above builds.

There is a skill that allows Magolor to keep his combo going longer (it lengthens the decay window): but it only really matters if you’re going for a high score. If you just want to beat the game as normal and move on, you don’t need to invest in it early. If you’re trying to get a high score on everything early, it’s a good idea to get the combo skill as soon as possible: since you won’t need to go back to old levels and replay them for a Gold or higher rating.

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