‘What if Twitter was a Real Life Party?’ is coming for you

Social media animated!

Hey, did you see those two little old ladies talking about Majora’s Mask while innocuously almost eating eyeball cookies? If not, you’re missing out. 

After seeing that short, I knew that the team at Farleywink Animation would be fantastic to team up with, so I got them on the horn ASAP. Luckily for me, they were already fans of some of my videos, and it wasn’t long until we were working on our first collaboration — What if Twitter was a Real Life Party? (WIT WAR LP for short). 

We’re hoping to have the full episode ready for you this week, but why not check out this teaser in the meantime? 

Jonathan Holmes
"Where do dreams end and reality begin? Videogames, I suppose."- Gainax, FLCL Vol. 1 "The beach, the trees, even the clouds in the sky... everything is build from little tiny pieces of stuff. Just like in a Gameboy game... a nice tight little world... and all its inhabitants... made out of little building blocks... Why can't these little pixels be the building blocks for love..? For loss... for understanding"- James Kochalka, Reinventing Everything part 1 "I wonder if James Kolchalka has played Mother 3 yet?" Jonathan Holmes