The world’s greatest living artist has revealed himself. His name is Shawn Bowers and he is creating the most important artwork of a generation by drawing the classic Pokemon you know and love, but if they were also Garfields.

Here’s the thing: I love Garfield as much as Garfield loves lasagna and hates Mondays combined. As a kid I read Garfield all the time. They started collecting the strips in these weird, rectangular books, and I started buying those. I had milk crates full. I kept them in fucking milk crates. I couldn’t afford shelves because I needed more Garfields.

The other thing is that Garfield is bad, a craven money-making scheme that turned into a billion dollar a year industry and ballooned creator Jim Davis’ personal net worth to $2.2 billion fucking dollars. But in liking Garfield when I didn’t know any better, I have extra appreciation for the delicacies of the Post Garfield world, like the existential Garfield Minus Garfield

Or this, the most important photograph ever taken of Garfield-creator Jim Davis.

Here are some more of Bowers’ masterpieces.

I love every single one of these drawings more than my own children. Please look at them all, for at least 15 minutes each, either on Instagram or Tumblr.

Steven Hansen