What? Huh? Oh! Neat: The 2010 IGF Student entries

By now, you have hopefully taken some time out of your schedule to tinker with the more interesting 2010 Independent Games Festival Main Competition entries. If not, it’s never too late to remedy your gaming sin.

Today is the day when we get to look over the Student Showcase entries, all 193 of them. Holy carp, Batman! That’s a lot of non-commercial interactivity. Like last time, I’ve skimmed through the list, opened a boatload of tabs, and come out with a handful of neat ones:

And then there’s the one game I had the chance to play, Cut and Paste. It’s this cool interactive flip book where, as the name implies, you cut and paste objects to solve puzzles. You could almost think of it as a point-and-click adventure game without the deep story, kind of. Try it out!

Jordan Devore
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