What happens on your birthday in Fire Emblem Engage?

Why does Fire Emblem Engage need to know my birthday?

Almost as soon as you enter Fire Emblem Engage and just after choosing your difficulty level, the game asks for your birthday, but why? Does anything special happen? There are only three initial character customisation options available and that is the character’s name, their gender and their birthday. On your birthday, you can receive gifts from party members in Fire Emblem Engage as well as a meaningful conversation taking place between you and your party members when it’s their turn to celebrate.

What happens on my birthday in Fire Emblem Engage?

Regularly conversing with party members outside of combat is par for the course in Fire Emblem Engage, but on your birthday something a little more special will be happening. In the Somniel, the floating island base, characters will be aware of Alear’s birthday and each one will have a special gift to give.

Each character will gift something that they would like to receive themselves, so keep your fingers crossed that none of them decide to hand over horse manure. As these gifts are used to improve relationships and increase support levels, it’s a wise idea to immediately re-gift the items to the character you received them from.

Is there anything special about other character’s birthdays?

When characters Alear has met in Fire Emblem Engage celebrate a birthday it is valuable to give them a gift too. This will trigger a unique interaction, improve Alear’s relationship with them and they’ll thank Alear for thinking of them on their special day. There are some important birthdays to note down, especially if romancing them is a consideration. Here are all of the important birthdays in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • Alcryst – October 15
  • Alfred – August 8
  • Amber – February 3
  • Boucheron – May 11
  • Bunet – May 30
  • Celine – December 18
  • Chloe – April 27
  • Clanne – March 10
  • Diamant – April 6
  • Etie – October 1
  • Framme – March 10
  • Fogado – February 14
  • Goldmary – July 18
  • Hortensia – June 3
  • Ivy – November 17
  • Jade – December 7
  • Kagetsu – December 22
  • Lapis – May 25
  • Louis – November 4
  • Merrin – September 24
  • Pandreo – January 6
  • Panette – October 23
  • Rosado – January 19
  • Seadall – April 21
  • Timmera – August 29
  • Vander – November 26
  • Zelkov – August 2

The best advice is to set Alear’s birthday as a couple of weeks in advance, depending on your style of play and how much time you have available to dedicate to the game. This gives Alear plenty of time to meet all of the available characters, and therefore receive more gifts. Try to remember which date has been set as the birthday, so that valuable gifts aren’t missed out on.

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